Find Of The Week: 2010 Mercedes SL-65 AMG Black Series – US Spec

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For AED 1,400,000, you can drive home a 2010 Mercedes SL-65 AMG Black series: one of the most powerful Mercedes there ever was, and certainly the most powerful Mercedes from back in 2010.

The SL-65 AMG Black Series was meant to depict the best of AMG, with a plethora of parts changed from the original SL. This included removing the foldable roof and replacing it with a hard top, changing the boot lid to accommodate a rear spoiler, and flaring the fenders on all 4 sides of the car to accommodate the huge wheels that this car has. Even the hood was changed to a carbon fibre one to save weight.

Overall the SL-65 AMG Black Series lost over 225kg over the original SL, making this the ultimate track monster of this era, perhaps along with the CLK AMG Black series.

With only 350 units ever made, and 175 of them making it to the USA, the Value proposition that this car provides is certainly palpable and makes this car more attractive (More on that later).

This car is an absolute looker!

Here are the main things you should know about the Mercedes AMG SL 65 AMG Black Series

  • Mileage: 8,000 km
  • Engine: 6.0L V12 Twin Turbo
  • Power: 661 HP @ 5,400 RPM
  • Torque: 1000 Nm @ 2,200 RPM
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
  • Weight: 1,870 kg (Curb weight)

While the organization holding this vehicle have not provided us with any information on the service history of the car, considering the low mileage it has clocked up, and the pristine condition it seems to be from the photos, one can assume that it would have been maintained wee throughout its time. However, it goes without saying that a thorough history check must be conducted before any decision is made.

This AMG looks to be in great shape

This is, indeed a US Spec car, and that makes it one out of 175 (if the plaque on the gear lever is to be believed). This makes it althemore rare than the headlining 350 units that were ever built.

Our Take

Still don’t understand why the start button is pressed like so

The SL-65 AMG Black Series is no doubt, a timepiece from 2010. A product that represents the pinnacle of german engineering in 2010.

Assuming that this car has nothing wrong with it, and the fact that it has clocked just 8,000 km throughout its 12-year lifespan, the valuation will be a little out of the world.

When new, this car cost around 1,100,000 AED (~$300,000). So, after 12 years, the asking price of 1,400,000 AED doesn’t seem to be too much of an ask. However, we ask all readers to be wary of any niggles in the car’s history, as that can severely deteriorate the collectability of this car.

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