Why There Will Never Be Another Like The AMG One!

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There just isn’t anything else like the AMG One

Leave the Mercedes 300 SL or the SLS AMG. I am saying that the Mercedes AMG One will go down in history as the most valuable car Mercedes has ever made.

When the AMG One rolled up on the show floor of the International Auto Show, Germany in 2017, many saw what Mercedes took up as impossible. Putting an F1 engine, that too the most complex one in F1 history by a mile, is no mean task! 

At an era where the ICE is becoming a relic of the past, the AMG One is a stellar way to bid adieu

An engine based on the 2016 W07 that revs all the way up to 11,000 RPM, AND meets all the emission standards is something that is completely unheard of in a road car. Granted you’ll have to refurbish the engine every 50,000 km because of its aggressive load on the parts, but still, it’s a very impressive feat to reliably make the power unit reach such high engine speeds. Not to mention the ERS system that is lifted from the F1 car as well!

Not just the engine, even the gearbox has taken its fundamental concept from the F1 cars. The idea that the gearbox forms a structural component of the vehicle is something every F1 car on the grid utilizes today, and once again, the One has it. 

Moreover, Mercedes have tried their best to emulate the F1 feel inside the cockpit. The steering wheel ergonomics, the ERS modes and even a DRS functionality is something that will blow every F1 fan’s head off if they get to experience it!

With the launch of the production version Mercedes AMG One, Mercedes have genuinely created something special. Moreover the exclusivity is something that will certainly make well maintained pieces appreciate in value. 

Yes, there are the other ‘halo’ cars from other manufacturers to mark the end of this throaty era, namely, the Valkerie from Aston Martin, the Gordon T-50, the recently announced RB-17 from Red Bull and several more. While they all are mind-blowing in their own means, the AMG One is special in its own way because of the sheer complexity behind it. It truly is one of a kind.

The power unit behind the AMG One is based off the 2016, title winning W07’s power unit

To drive home the point of why this car will skyrocket in value, I would like you to look back. The most famous cars have always been the cars which have had a difficult path from design to dealer. Take the original Nissan Z, which needed secret development at some points of its development, or the infamous Brawn GP B01, which was developed amidst a slew of uncertainty for the team, but still ended up seconds faster at preseason testing!

Getting the One off the design table, and onto customers’ hands has not been an easy task! Apart from the plethora of engineering problems the engineering team faces, there was Brexit, which severely disrupted Mercedes HPP’s participation in this project, as well as COVID restrictions. 

This is the closest any non racing driver can get to Formula One

It’s a miracle that the One is now production ready, and I certainly believe this supercar will reach valuations as high as the McLaren F1, or perhaps even the Ferrari F40!

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